About Gerive App

Gerive App is the Ultimate App which can be installed on iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus must be altered to be able to run the Gerive App so when you place that iPhone near any other smart phone, ie another iPhone (all models), another Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S7, samsung Galaxy S7 edge, Sony Xperia Zx,… all models or any other Android phone), Windows phone,… the iPhone 7 Plus with Gerive App can hack that phone and get all the data from that phone and transfer to the iPhone 7 Plus with Gerive App installed.

Just place the iPhone 7 Plus (with Gerive App installed) – now we call it Gerive iPhone – near any other phone, in a range of 4-10m, Gerive iPhone will copy all data from the target phone and show on the screen. You will have temporary a copy of the target phone. You can view anything on the target phone just on your Gerive iPhone screen.

It means, you can access WhatsApp account, hack Facebook account, view Messenger messages, read SMS message, read the iMessage conversations, access the contact list, read the recent phone call list,… What the target phone has, you have it on Gerive iPhone.